Meet the Team


Vanessa Pugsley

Vanessa is the secretary of HUG and has been on the charity board for several years.

She was impacted  by a visit to Uganda in 2014 and works hard organising fundraising events such as a charity ball and also being in charge of buying and selling African crafts at fairs all over the local area to raise money for the charity. 


Andrew Reid

Andy is the treasurer of the charity and it is his job to manage the finances to ensure the continuation of the projects in Uganda. He organises charity events such as the curry & quiz night as well as taking part in fundraising activities such as the Yorkshire three peaks!

Andy has visited Uganda in 2014 and 2016. The last trip, with Roy, was to oversee the new building project.



Roy Field

Roy is the Chairman of the charity, organising regular meetings to discuss future plans for HUG and how to achieve them and driving the work of the chrity forward.

He oversees the building projects and keeps in regular touch with the nationals who work with the charity in Uganda to ensure the continued wellbeing of the children. Roy has made multiple trips to Uganda over the years, the most recent in February 2016 to observe the progress of the new building project.


Pete Howard

Pete is the Minister of Alsager Community Church, to which all the current team are associated. He visited Uganda in 2014, seeing firsthand the desperate conditions of the children there. He helps with fundraising and networking, as well as managing the website.




Rachel Langford-Jones

Rachel is a primary school teacher and visited Uganda in 2014 where she was impacted by the conditions she saw and fell in love with the children she met. She works to raise awareness for the charity and involves her school in fundraising activities for the charity and its projects. The children in her school all see the children in Uganda as their Ugandan friends.


Lydia and Hisborn

Hope Uganda works with amazing individuals over in Uganda who work day to day to care for and support the children and who will run the Rainbow Hope Centre.

Taking the lead over there are Lydia and Hisborn, they are people who the HUG team have known and trusted for years. Lydia, along with her husband is a pastor of a church which they started and Hisborn is a former Headteacher.